optimal compression ensures faster recovery

Faster recovery from muscle pain

You will just see. Do you have a good fanatic sport and then you can 'enjoy' the next day with a huge amount of muscle pain. Maybe you have let yourself be carried away by your own enthusiasm or by the flow of the match, then it was fun, but now it is painful and annoying.

When do you get muscle pain?

You get muscle pain if you have done more than your muscles are used to. This can happen with sports, but also with a move or other movements that you do not regularly. Muscle pain usually develops after the training or competition, but you can also suffer from it during exercise. Then we speak about 'acute muscle pain'.

What to do with muscle pain?

In fact, you can see muscle pain as the lightest form of an injury. It is not yet an injury, but there is already overload of your body. It is important to drink well, to move a bit (that is better than to do nothing at all) and with the compression stockings you can prevent the muscle pain to a certain extent. If you already have muscle pain, the stockings will help you to drain the waste more quickly.

Prevention is better than cure

The most important thing is that sport at your level and builds up well.
We wish you a lot of sports fun!

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